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This is an online practical training course of the TAU Performance System code profiling tool.


  • Installation & Configuration of TAU
  • Instrumenting and Running a test programme. In particular:
    • using ​library interposition
    • using source-based PDT instrumentation
    • using paraprof to view results
    • adjusting the TAU runtime environment.
  • Advanced TAU usage. In particular:
    • runtime selective instrumentation
    • compile-time selective instrumentation
    • snapshot profiling

Course Structure

  1. Installing and configuring TAU on a Linux-based system
  2. Instrumenting and Running a test programme
  3. Tau Advanced TAU Topics

This course requires the use of a pre-loaded Oracle VirtualBox Linux Virtual Machine (VM), with Ubuntu and TAU installed and configured correctly. This is available for download at (‘Tau_x86_64.ova’).

Instructions on how to use VirtualBox are here.

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